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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload an image to customize a product?

From the custom photo product page, select the "Choose File" button and browse your computer for the image you would like to upload. The Image editor will guide you through adjusting the image to the correct size. Press the Green Check to apply change, and when the image is ready, press the Save icon to apply it.

What size image can I upload?

The size requirements vary by product, based on the maximum size of the print and are indicated on the product pages. In general terms, the larger the image the better, and we can accept an upload of really any reasonable size and shrink it appropriately. For coasters, we require 600x600 pixels or greater. For cups, bottle openers and smaller items, 500x300 pixels or greater.

How can I tell if my image is big enough?

When you attempt to upload, the system will tell you if the image does not meet minimum requirements. In order to tell how large your image is, on a PC right click the image and select properties, then go to the Details tab. On a Mac, right click and select Get Info and dimensions will display in the More Info section.

What if I want to create a cool logo or use something other than an uploaded picture?

If you are comfortable with graphic art programs, Abode Illustrator and Photoshop are available as subscription services from and are very powerful.  There are also a number of online logo makers such as or that allow you to build great logo from their templates and add text. Most services have free options for creating basic logos, and inexpensive paid option with enhanced features. Custom Caveman is not affiliated with these services, but we do use them from time to time to produce samples.

What are the best types of images to upload?

The higher quality the better. Most modern camera and phone images will work really well. If you are using vector art, the larger the size, the better the print quality will come out. We accept files in type jpg, jpeg, ai, gif, png, pdf, psd, tif, tiff, and svg.

Why won't my photo upload preview on the order page or in the cart?

Only certain rasterized file types will appear in preview, including the most common file types, JGP, JPEG and PNG. However, you will see the file name on the item at checkout and if we have any problems with your upload, we will contact you and make it work.

Is there an image size limit?

Yes, 100Mb is the largest size you can upload. This is much larger than most standard photos and art files.

 What if I just want text, like someone's name or initials?

Choose a product with the Monogram option, and there is the option to add a name or initials. We have a number of standard fonts and colors to choose from and add more all of the time. This is a very easy way to personalize an item.

What if I want to use a different font or color?

Instead of using our Monogram options, you can easily create your own monogram name art file, then use the Photo items to upload. The easiest way to get a nice graphic to use is to generate a text file with a common text editor like Microsoft Word that can save to PDF format. Create the text, enlarge it to at least 100 pt text and edit like you would a normal document, changing the color, font etc. Save to PDF, and you will be able to upload to your item. We'll handle getting it in the right spot and making it look great.

What is your stance on copyrighted content?

We're artists too, and will not reproduce any work that we believe is not original art. If we have concerns about your submission, we will contact you to validate the source of the work.