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The Dreamweaver

I believe I'll make a cocktail to-ni-hiiiiiiiiiihgttttt. 

We were driving home last weekend enjoying the blast-furnace heat of south LA and decided a snowball was in order. Dreamcicle with condensed milk - de rigueur.

In true Custom Caveman fashion, we decided the dreamcicle should become a cocktail. Some people have moments of inspiration and do things like cure diseases or stamp out inequality. Our bar is much lower.

Decoding the inner workings of the dreamcicle, you have some major food groups: orange juice, cream, sugar and vanilla. Consequently, we came across a new product last week, Sirop de Saizon, from the Sirop Trading Company. This is a great product from a Louisiana upstart that has become pretty big here in Lafayette and makes a bad-ass Old Fashioned. Vanilla and brown sugar are two key components...hello, McFly. Inspiration.

Combine in a shaker with ice;

2 parts Vodka

4 parts orange juice (fresh squeezed if possible)

1 part Sirop de Saizon

1 part heavy cream

Shake it like it owes you money and pour over fresh ice. Garnish with orange slice.

Notes: This tastes pretty much exactly like how I remember and Orange Julius as a kid, even with the vodka. So, leave the Vodka out and it's a nice treat for the kids (or leave it in and put them to bed early).  Easy - just kidding. 

If you don't have Sirop de Saizon, first of all go order it immediately, if not sooner. If you must try this before it arrives, try some brown sugar or regular simple syrup with a dash of vanilla extract, but no guarantees...


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