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The Friday Afternoon CCC Martini

Last weekend we had the fantastic opportunity to join a remote birthday party for a great friend of ours. The party was hosted/emceed/bartended/instructed by none-other-than our old pal Jason from the Covid Cocktail Club. If you don't follow them on YouTube, I recommend you click the link above and do so immediately, if not sooner.

We learned a ton. As expected, Jason highlighted many of our own inadequacies. Wait, sorry, I meant to write that down in my diary. What I meant to write here was, as expected, Jason highlighted some really interesting cocktail ideas.

One of the items on the "menu" for us to make was a martini. I've gotta be honest, never really met a martini I liked that much. It sounds sophisticated and I should like it, and should probably wear tuxedos more often, too, but I think the vermouth for me is the challenge.

Apparently, Jason and I have a similar relationship with vermouth. So limiting that foul liquid, and adding a few extras like orange bitters (I know, WTF?) and olive juice, we ended up with a dirty martini that was simply fantastic, IMHO. In our household we used gin, of course, but vodka will do this one nicely, too. I am going to call this the Friday Afternoon CCC Martini as a nod to our friends over there. They may disagree with my version of their recipe and if they do, fine, I will claim it. Who's inadequate now?

Place a splash of dry vermouth in a martini glass.

In a mixing glass, combine 2 ounces very good Gin or Vodka, a healthy couple of splashes of orange bitters, and a dash of olive juice (optional, but really nice). Add ice and give it a good stir, until ice cold.

Swirl the vermouth in the martini glass, and then dump it (my favorite part), or keep if you like it wet.

Strain the contents of the mixing glass into the martini glass. 

Garnish with a lemon peel or olive (or both!).


I already know we're going to get questions about the martini glass in the picture, so I'll go ahead and answer. This is not something we sell. We got these glasses as a wedding gift 20 years ago from Ashley's Aunt Cindy. I believe they were made by a local artist in New Orleans. There is really no way to describe Aunt Cindy, so I won't even try, but we love these glasses like we loved her and use them every chance we get.

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