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The Aviation

I find myself sitting here grounded at home, longing for airport lounges, long lines and cramped seats. The least I can do to numb the pain of having no travel is to make a nice cocktail - so let's do an Aviation.

Rumor has it this was a very popular cocktail back in the 1800s and up until around WWII, before Creme de Violette went the way of the phoenix for a period of time. After it reemerged in the late 20th century this cocktail found its way back into menus and deeply engaging and interesting blog posts such as this.

This is quickly becoming a go-to here at Custom Caveman global headquarters. We like a gin for this that is kind of middle of the road - not too floral and not too dry. We've been using Euphrosine #9 barrel-aged gin from New Orleans.

Simple recipe, served up - add all ingredients to shaker, add ice, strain into coupe or martini glass

2 parts Gin

3/4 part Luxardo or other Marachino Liqueur

1/2 part lemon juice

1/4 part Creme de Violette

Luxardo or Marachino cherries for garnish.

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