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Spicy Negroni or the "Baltamagroni"

I think if you change the ingredient of a common drink, doing some sort of word mashup is obligatory. Else, people who do this sort of thing get their panties in a bunch. So as not to run afoul of these rules, I give you the "Baltamagroni". Feel free to not say that, as it does not exactly roll off of the tongue. Spicy Negroni works fine, too.

The classic Negroni is gin, vermouth, and Campari. I prefer Aperol to Campari. Vermouth and I have a special relationship that always results in my pouring it out. Enter one of our new favs, the Baltamaro #2 Szechuan Amaro, from the Baltimore Spirits Company. Little spicy, lots of flavor.

We had brunch with a good friend this past weekend, who tried the Baltamaro straight and said, "This would make a really nice Negroni". He was right.

  • 1 Oz Gin
  • 1 Oz Baltamaro #2
  • 1 Oz Aperol

Stir or shake on ice for 30 seconds. Strain into your favorite coupe or martini glass. Garnish with grapefruit peel. If you like a little fizz, top with Prosecco.

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