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Sweet Corn and Cilantro Spicy Margarita

Some people might say that fresh sweet corn is the taste of summer. Others might say the taste of summer is tequila. Those people would be really weird, but I will assume they are out there and, because we are very accommodating here, will put the two together.

My friend in Guadalajara says that they have the best sweet corn there and send the shitty, less sweet corn to the U.S. I think he finds this funny. In fact, I know he finds it funny. But I have never had trouble finding really nice corn here. Today, I am grilling up some corn so figured we would make a little corn experiment and shove my Mexican friend's face in it - with peace and love and tequila, of course.

The corn is a great add to a margarita with its starchy sweetness. It almost gives the margarita a little texture, a little froth and a lot of flavor. I used some corn off of the grill, but any kind of lightly cooked corn, steamed, microwaved, etc., will work as long as it starts fresh and is not grossly overcooked.

Recipe is for 2 margaritas;

Into a shaker, toss 8-10 cilantro leaves, 2 thin rounds of jalapeño, and a small handful of cooked corn, maybe 2 tbsp. or so. Add 3/4 oz agave syrup and 2 oz fresh lime juice and muddle.

Add a nice squirt of mole bitters and 4 oz of tequila. I prefer an Anejo, but I am sure Blanco would work just fine.

Add ice and shake it like it owes you money, until ice cold.

Swipe the rim of two coupes or martini glasses with lime juice and run them through some Tajin to coat. If you don't have Tajin, salt will do.

Strain your cocktail into the two glasses and garnish with jalapeño slice, cilantro, or even some extra corn.

Cheers - y'all.


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