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Some Things We're Diggin' Right Now

Putting this store concept together has been a blast, and we've run across some pretty cool stuff in our travels and research.  Here are a couple of things we're tracking right now...

Favorite Blog - Trash Tiki

Ran across these guys by way of a Wall Street Journal article this last weekend that referenced their Avocado Pit Orgeat (that's right, look it up). Their concept was to contribute to sustainability by converting food items typically regarded as waste into cocktails. Cool concept, clever recipes, good read.


Favorite Cast - Covid Cocktail Club

We hope this one persists long after Covid is a memory. Houston based duo putting out some of their favorite cocktails that are elegant but approachable.

Covid Cocktail Club Youtube Channel

Favorite Product We Don't Carry - Growlerwerks

We love us some cocktails, but let's not forget about beer! I have had a Growlerwerks uKeg 128 in copper for a couple of years now and it is bad to the bone. You can force carb and consume a gallon of flat home-brew with a single cartridge. I have seen the new uKeg Go 64 in person and it is extremely cool. Not had the opportunity to test it yet, but feel certain it will perform as admirably as the original.


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