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Basil Oaxacan Style "Daiquiri"

I love mezcal, I really do. Smoky and complex, if you spring for the good stuff, it doesn't need much - other than a proper mezcal glass.

But then, "pour mezcal in a glass and drink it", doesn't make for a very interesting recipe. This is an easy sipping summer style mezcal cocktail, with standard proportions and common ingredients. For this one, we used Yuu Baal Anejo 1 Year Mezcal.

Want to dress is up? Rim the glass with Tajin, although regular old margarita salt works fine.

Don't have agave syrup? Regular simple syrup or jalapeño simple syrup work well. 

Mezcal a little too smoky for you? Go half and half with regular tequila, or use all tequila for that matter. Then you have to drop "Oaxacan" from the name and call it something else.

Basil Oaxacan Style Daiquiri OR Producto de Oaxaca (con Albahaca!);

Muddle in a shaker or mixing glass 2 sprigs of basil with 1 part fresh lime juice.

Add 2 parts Mezcal and 1/2 part Agave nectar.

Shake or stir with ice and strain over fresh ice into a cocktail glass.

Garnish with Tajin, lime and more basil.


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