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Our First Donation

We are very happy to announce our first donation on behalf of Custom Caveman, made today to Solomon House in New Iberia, Louisiana. When we started this business, we wanted to have a little fun and try to do a little good at the same time. So, we committed to donating 25% of our net proceeds initially to support food charities in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent impact to families.

After startup costs and everything else it takes to get a business off of the ground, net proceeds did not get to a level that could make a reasonable impact. So, we instead took 25% of gross profit and rounded up a bit. We like round numbers here.

Anyway, we always want to make our donations go as far as possible, and avoid administrative costs so the dollars make the biggest impact for the folks who need it most. Solomon House is one of the most effective organizations in this area for food distribution, with the benefits going almost entirely to the community. 

Thank you to everyone who made purchases in our first 2 months of business and helped to build this donation. While we have taken down the banner on the home page as Covid-19 (hopefully) wanes, we will continue our mission to give back to the community through regular donations and will continue to post as the program develops. Thank you.

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