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Ma Ma Ma My - Paloma

We have a bunch of great oranges sitting on the counter and they are really juicy and nice, so I decided a Paloma might fit the bill. We usually use grapefruit for this one and, of course, jalapeño for spice with a good tequila.  For this orange version (pictured), I strayed from my standard recipe and ended up with something very different. Good, but different. In this version, we used orange juice instead of grapefruit and agave syrup instead of jalapeño simple syrup.

Confused yet? I'll get to the point.

In the proportions below, these juices and sweeteners are interchangeable to end up with the flavor you prefer. My guests loved this one, but for me, the sweetness of these oranges, along with agave syrup, was a little too sweet. If using orange juice from concentrate, it would probably work. If using a good, sweet orange like this, you could even ditch the sweetener and have a low sugar version.

I prefer a Paloma with grapefruit and jalapeño simple syrup, but use the proportions below and find the combo that's right for you. If you don't want the jalapeño spice, just ditch it and don't worry. If you don't like sweeteners and citrus at all, have a few tequila shots then drink a beer. We don't judge here.

Muddle some fresh jalapeño slices with either 1/2 part agave syrup or 1/2 part jalapeño simple syrup (recipe here).

Add to the muddle;

2 parts tequila

1 part grapefruit or orange juice

1/2 part lime juice

Stir or shake well with ice and and strain into a salt-rimmed glass of ice. Garnish with jalapeño.

Fun fact: The glass pictured is from Seaworthy, which has one of the best happy hours in New Orleans. They serve many drinks in the prayer candle glass, which is pretty cool. Great drink menu and unbelievable selection of raw oysters. If you're in the neighborhood, I highly recommend it. 

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