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Infusion #1 - Blackberry Tequila

We broke out one of our favorite new toys from our latest shipment, the Alkemista infusion vessel. We wanted to put it through the paces and for the first idea, we went straight to the source...and found that the manufacturer of these fine vessels has a recipe for a blackberry infused tequila. Blackberries and tequila are two things we happen to have plenty of right now.

10 blackberries, 750ml of Silver Tequila, and 7 days later, we had a really nice infused tequila with just enough blackberry flavor to give the spirit a nice dimension, but still let the quality of the tequila shine through.


Since we decided to make this strictly on the anticipated merits of the recipe we found, no sense in getting too creative here.  Just used the infused tequila, followed the 100% plagiarized recipe below, and the result was a really nice cocktail. Kind of walking the paloma line with a little lime and grapefruit flavor, and not too sweet.

Recipe for 2.

Add to Shaker with Ice;

3 parts Blackberry Infused Tequila

2 parts Creme de Pamplemousse (Giffard)

1 part Fresh Lime juice

1/2 part maraschino liqueor (Luxardo)

Shake and strain into ice filled rocks glasses. Garnish with grapefruit peel and more blackberries on a nice cocktail pick.



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