Hunter's Vodka in the Alkemista

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I ran across a post on Reddit about Hunter's Vodka totally by accident, as I am convinced most things happen on Reddit. Perfect experiment for the Alkemista infusion vessel. The poster was asking for a recipe, but had only a little bit of data on ingredients. I did some digging and there is surprisingly little info out there.

The Hunter's Vodka is an infusion popular in Russia, but perhaps even more in Poland. I gathered some ingredients and came up with the below. There were a few ingredients that popped up in some references like coffee, star anise, red pepper and some others I chose to avoid, but could be good options.

I was going for earthy but lively flavor, so I added in lemon zest and ginger, two ingredients common and inexpensive in Mother Russia.  Some recipes add wine or sugar, but I feel like something called Hunter's Vodka should be chilled and consumed straight.

I found a vodka at a local store that comes from France, is organic, distilled 5 times, scored 94 points, and was $7.97 for a 750ml. The last little fact there should have been a red flag. Tasting the vodka straight, I can only assume it scored 94 on some sort of flammability scale, or in the ability to remove nail polish or dry paint. Admittedly, I didn't read the review that closely.

So, this would certainly put our beloved infusion vessel to the test. 

Tested at day 4 - getting close, very nice. Decided to leave it to day 5, and I had a spirit that was pretty close to what I wanted. It was earthy and lively with a nice flavor and the ginger definitely mellowed the Vodka. The cinnamon was a bit too pronounced for me though, so next time I will cut it in half, maybe even do like a 1/2 inch. I would prefer more juniper and clove, but the recipe below is exactly what I did as a first pass, and it's pretty good first pass. 

The beauty of this whole experiment is that with the Alkemista you can take a very average vodka, or any spirit, kind of anywhere you want to. I can't wait to try this one again and we'll retool and do it again soon. Half of this bottle goes in the freezer, and I'll have to come up with a cocktail for the other half. For the time being, freezer and shot board it is. And I'm fine with that.

Hunter's Vodka in the Alkemista

Add a 2 inch cinnamon stick and 25 or so of each Juniper Berries, Allspice Berries, Black Peppercorns, Coriander seeds, to a dry frying pan.

Crank up the heat and toast, moving consistently, for 2-3 minutes. Don't get the spices blackened, just toast them long enough to start to release the oils and get a little aromatic.

Move the spices to a bowl to stop toasting. Add a 1 inch piece of fresh ginger, and 2-3 strips of lemon zest to the infuser, then add the spices. Add 750 ml of the Vodka of your choice.

Agitate every day or two and start testing flavor at day four. When the flavor is concentrated enough, add one tablespoon of honey to a fresh bottle, or the original vodka bottle. Pour the contents of the Alkemista into the bottle with honey and swirl it. 

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