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Honey Hibiscus Margarita

I have clever names for these things sometimes, but I am told for SEO purposes I should just say what it is. I find that silly, but hey, we are trying to grow an audience here so I get it.  For you insiders, my name for this drink is Mary Joanna and the Mezcal. That's a nod to one of my favorite bands, the Revivalists, out of the great city of New Orleans. Ye yo, Ye yo.

We were at Yeyo's Mexican joint in Bentonville, Arkansas during our recent forced hurricane vacation. Trying to make the best of a bad situation. Anyway, Yeyo's - outdoor seating, street tacos and guac, on a kick-ass Saturday sitting outdoors. And, Ashley ordered a Honey Hibiscus margarita - nice. I have a cache of dried hibiscus leaves let over here from my nearly world famous Hibiscus Wheat brew I make once a year. You can find dry hibiscus in just about any Latino market, and often in the dry spice areas of regular produce departments - worth the trip.

We use Mezcal because that's how we roll. Any good tequila will work just fine.

Honey Hibiscus Margarita

2 parts Mezcal or any good tequila.

1 part lime juice

1 part honey hibiscus syrup

Add all to shaker with ice and do yo thing. Rub rim of a coupe (to serve up) or rocks glass (to serve on rocks) with lime rind and rim with Tajin or salt and garnish with a wedge of lime. 

Honey Hibiscus Syrup

Add equal parts (for this recipe 1/2 cup) honey and water to a sauce pan, along with a small handful of dried hibiscus leaves (7-8 whole leaves). Turn on heat and CAUTION, this will absolutely boil over on you so do not leave it unattended. Bring to a slow simmer and as soon as the bubbles start, kill the heat and move the pan to a cooler burner. Let it sit for 10 minutes to steep, then strain into a storage vessel like a Ball jar and refrigerate. 

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