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Feelin' Supersonic - Give me Gin and Tonic

You can have it all but how much do you want it? That's from an Oasis song. 

The G&T is no frills smooth summer sippin'. I realize we sell bar gear and stuff here, but all you need is ice and glass - no shakers, no muddling or fancy stuff, just go right on in. We need that kind of simplicity sometimes.

The classic ratio they say is anywhere from 1:1 to 1:3, gin to tonic. We like 1:3 and that's what I'm doing tonight.

The Gin: We like the more floral stuff than super dry. Right now, we're into Roku, the Japanese botanical gin or McQueen and the Violet Fog. Had not heard of McQueen before, but we came across it at the local grocery when everything else was closed and it's really nice. Also really enjoy Alkkemist from Spain and Hendrick's Summer Solstice, previously mentioned in some other post.

The Tonic: Fever Tree is great, and so is Q. Q says it is "spectacular" tonic water. Says it right there on the can. Anything that claims to be "spectacular" I'm probably buying immediately because that's an audacious claim. And I believe most things I read.

Garnishes: We rarely go beyond a healthy squeeze of lime. The occasional cucumber slice or even rosemary sprig finds it's way in if we're feeling nutty. I have also heard tales of people using mint, orange (slice or peel) or even juniper berries if you can find them. 

Big glass

1 part Gin and 3 parts tonic

Fill with Ice

Squeeze of lime

Stir, garnish and get busy

Thanks for reading this spectacular post. If you need some spectacular G&T glasses, click here.

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