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Embarcadero Cocktail

Hello again, my friends and happy Black Friday to you. I have officially purchased nothing today, not out of protest or anything like that, just no time with all of the travel and family obligations. Maybe later.

One thing I do have time for is a new cocktail. I had someone yesterday at Thanksgiving tell me they didn't buy any of our stuff because they don't need it - they just pour shit in a glass. Fair enough.

When we got home today I thought, what kind of solid cocktail qualifies just pouring shit in a glass (kind of). So - no shakers, no stirring glasses. Just a rocks glass, large ice cube and a jigger.

This is the Embarcadero. I have seen this done with any number of garnishes from rosemary to ginger, sugar sticks, etc. I happen to have picked up some really nice rye last week here locally, so I'm keeping it simple - pour this shit in a glass and swirl it. Oh, and yes it has vermouth, but sweet vermouth and I have found another application here I actually like. 

In a rocks glass over a large ice cube, add;

1 oz Rye (used Russell's Reserve 6-year)

1 oz Amaro (used Averna)

1 oz sweet vermouth

Express a lemon peel and rub along the edge, adding to the glass. Swirl, sip and enjoy.

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