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Custom Caveman is now The Life of Riley

Before we get into the business stuff - go make yourself a drink, you deserve it. It's Wednesday for crying out loud.

Here is a link to what I am drinking right now. Perfect for this little wind storm called Hurricane Laura that is about a minute away from blowing onshore here.

Now, if you made it to the page, you have noticed some major changes. We have totally rebranded the site and are now the Life of Riley. 

Custom Caveman was originally started as a website for products that you could customize - go on and upload and picture or build a monogram and have it printed on the products. This was a concept piece to demonstrate the power of the printers that we build over at LogoJET.

We quickly found that what was drawing people in to the site was not Lon's crazy printing taken, but Ashley's crazy sourcing talent. Her ability to find unique, custom items was what our contacts and connections were really after. As we continued to find really tricked out stuff, it also expanded beyond bar gear and into more home, kitchen, etc. The Custom Caveman thing really didn't work anymore.

Enter The Life of Riley - she's the "Life", I'm the "Riley". And, there you have it, new brand.

Now, the big stuff - we have a monstrous amount of new product. Really eclectic and funky stuff that we love. Much of it has been posted already, some has not. So, we will use our new hurricane break to put a lot of it up - and it is bad-ass. Please check back throughout this week and the week end and we will have a ton of new product announcements and posts.


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  • Love the new logo and y’all


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