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Blueberry Mint Mojito

We had a wonderful day today frolicking through the berry fields, picking buckets of delicious, ripe blueberries. Sort of - actually I went to Costco and bought a shit ton of blueberries and I was so exhausted I had to come home and take a nap.

When I woke up I wiped away the drool, turned off Ancient Aliens and decided it was time for a quick and easy cocktail, and rum would be the spirit of choice. Made this with blueberries and mint, but I would expect just about any berry you can get your hands on would work.

Muddle 8-10 blueberries and a couple of mint leaves in an appropriate glass.

2 parts light rum, 1 part lime juice, 3/4 part Velvet Falernum (or 1/2 part simple syrup). Mix well and fill with ice to the top. 

Serve with lime wedge.


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