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Ashley's Favorite Things

We're kind of like Oprah, the big difference is we ain't giving you shit for free. Just kidding around...that's not true at all. Since this is the blog that keeps on giving, we will give you a lot;

  • Our undying love and affection.
  • A nice little cocktail recipe.
  • A list of really exceptional stuff we found that you're seeing first.
  • A discount code at the end as a bonus.

See, we're like Oprah kind of, just without a lot of money, personality or options. 

Favorite Thing #1 - Artisan Stirring Spoons

We found these hand-forged stirring spoons made by a woman-owned gallery in Portland, Maine. They're just eclectic, funky and cool. Ashley calls them "jewelry for your bar". Like that so much I put it in all of the product descriptions. We could only score a few of each style, but we have them in Forged Copper, Twisted Copper, Hanging Copper and Sterling Silver.

Here's a Simple Drink Recipe - the "Derby Martini".

We already did a Julep back on the original Derby Day - here is a gin based drink with mint, that can cool you off on a rare September Derby Day.

  • 2 parts floral Gin
  • 1 part Lime juice
  • 3/4 part Grenadine

Stir or shake with ice and strain into a martini glass. Swirl and garnish with mint leaves.

This is a modified version of a drink we found in a book called the Fashionable Cocktail, by Jane Rocca. We received this book as a gift and really enjoy it. 

Favorite Thing #2 - Handmade Oak Whiskey Tumblers

If you know anyone who likes good whiskey, this one is a must. Crafted in small batches in Canada, turned smooth and charred on the inside. This is like drinking whiskey straight from the barrel, not that I know what that is like or anything. Or do I? Available individually or in a set of 2 that comes in a wooden gift crate.

Favorite Thing #3 - Pakkawood Handle Knives

The wood comes from the only Pakka tree in Papua New Guinea. Ok, not really, Pakkawood is an engineered hardwood and resin composite used in higher end knives due to its strength and water resistance. I do know that it is bad-ass - looks awesome and is really heavy with brass rivets, and razor sharp. We have three different styles currently, a Picnic knife, a Cheese knife and a Bartender's knife. I understand there is a fourth style on the way but I have been sworn to secrecy for now - maybe by the holidays, but you didn't hear that here.

Now - watch out - you might pee on yourself a little like those audiences at the Favorite Things TV shows when they get all excited. Here is a code for 10% off your next order to say thank you for reading this - CHEERS20. It's active through Tuesday, have a great Labor Day everybody!

-The TLoR Team

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